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Discount Codes

Discount codes you can use right now and save money on your purchase. 

Everyone loves a discount code! I know I do! It makes me super happy to pop in a code in at check out and know that I've saved a few dollars. For a long time, I didn't know how to approach discount codes with the structure of this business.

Most of the items sold are locally handmade, fair trade and eco-conscious. I sell for local makers or fair trade organisations and there is very little room for discounts. But I believe it is important for our customers to feel appreciated and getting a saving on your order can do really do that. And I really appreciate YOU! Without you support, I don't have a business.

Please feel free to use any of the codes below to get a discount and not only do you get a little saving. 

Here are our most current codes; 

10% OFF purchase 



Purchasing from our shop is something you can feel good about. Like really good! 

Every purchase supports local artisans! Supports creative industries! Supports woman in business in Australia, Cambodia, Nepal, Kenya and India! 

AND on top of that 50c from every order is donated to the Human and Hope Association in Cambodia, providing education to woman and children.

Your purchase really is making a difference to someone's life. 

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xx Elise