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Nature Play January Calendar

Nature Play January Calendar

Welcome to Nature Play January! 

And happy Nature Lovin' New Year to you all!

For this month I've made a calendar to help make it easier to follow along prompts and days - I hope it helps. I know this time of year I need a reminder of what day it is! I've also included the prompt list and downloadable daily prompts. 





Our home area in the Blue Mountains has been heavily affected by the recent fires in NSW. I am hoping to use this month to reconnect and get back into nature. We've had lots of smoke and ash in the air for months and have been advised to leave our home a few times to be safe. Sadly our outdoor play has been limited. Just this morning I was excited about a nearly clear sky today but we had an eastern brown snake (deadly) in our yard. Thanks, Australia!! haha

So although the purpose of nature play is to be outside and immersed in nature, I will be looking for ways to bring nature inside for us. Until things are safer and hopefully, things will improve the fires will cease and we can return to our beautiful outdoor nature play under blue skies. 
I hope you will play along this month 

xx  Elise

P.S And as it is the 1st month, of the 1st year, of a new decade we will be starting a Phenology Wheel and I will share a template I will be using shortly. 



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