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DIY Colourful Wooden Easter Eggs

DIY Colourful Wooden Easter Eggs

This week in the shop these wooden Easter eggs arrived. They come in a little basket and there are twelve eggs in the set. Perfect for an Easter Egg hunt without the sugar high. They look lovely in the raw wooden form but I thought it might be fun to have a play around with painting them.

I decided to do a pastel rainbow set because Oskar is obsessed with anything rainbow. He calls it “curr-rel-res” aka colours.  Groupings of colours together like the rainbow flag, fire danger signs and even the centrum vitamin advert in our local chemist’s window were some of the first things he starting noticing and naming in our environment.

Coloured Wooden Easter Eggs

I just used our very trusty IKEA water colours and gave the eggs two coats of paint. I like that they have a really matte finish but the texture of the wood grain is visible through the paint.

Watercolor Easter Eggs

The eggs can be finished with a natural beeswax sealer if you wanted to make the colours last longer and be more kid proof. I didn’t worry about that. I like the idea that we could wash them off and get creative all over again.

For the blue bird inspired eggs, I used some undiluted professional water colour paints that actually belonged to my dearly departed Nan (I think they are about 20 – 30 years old) Winning! I wanted a really pigmented blue finish and this old paint was perfect.

I roughly mixed light blue and indigo to add variation in the colour. For the second coat I added blue indigo dots onto a wet sponge and pushed the eggs down onto this. 

To finish I flicked them with some water based metallic cooper screen printing ink.  

Painted Easter Eggs

I really like how these turned out I could see them being a nice seasonal table centerpiece.

These eggs are recommended for ages 3+ so I will be keeping them out of Oskar’s reach until next year. 

xo Elise 

Link to the eggs in the shop

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