Lemon Jade Turtle Hunt PlayFizz { Limited Edition }


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Lemon Jade Turtle Hunt PlayFizz { Limited Edition }
Lemon Jade Turtle Hunt PlayFizz { Limited Edition }

The Turtle Hunt PlayFizz is a limited edition extra special PlayFizz hidden inside is this beautiful little Lemon Jade crystal turtle. A light green and peppermint scented fizz and foam with a little eco glitter shimmer. The turtle is approx 3cm long and hand carved from aventurine.


What do you get if you cross a Surprise egg and a Bath bomb? 

You get Play Fizz! A no sugar, no plastic, 100% natural, no waste way to add a little surprise and wonder into your child's outdoor playtime. 

What is Play Fizz? 

Play Fizz is a completely natural product that has natural gemstone surprises hidden inside.

How does it work?

Just add water to activate the natural fizz and see what is revealed. You can pour water over it, or drop it into a bowl or cup of water and watch it fizz and bubble. Then when it finished fizzing you can discover and collect the treasures inside.

What can I do with it?

Add it to fairy soups or mud pies. Use it as a crystal or geology learning tool. Play fizz is a completely natural addition for mud kitchen and outdoor sensory play. 

What is it made of? 

* Made to order please allow 3-5 days from order for Playfizz to be shipped*

Playfizz is made of completely natural and organic ingredients, no toxic chemicals, colours or numbers. It is coloured with organic powders and contains essential oils. Full ingredients are listed below. 

Turtle Hunt Play Fizz Ingredients:

Organic Bicarb Soda, Organic Citric Acid, Epson Salts, Peppermint Essential Oils, Eco Glitter from Eucalyptus Cellulose, Spirulina, Purified Water. 

Each play fizz will contain 1 Aventurine turtle hidden inside.

Size = 6cm sphere approx 70-80 grams

The colour may vary from that pictured due to the natural products used. 

The safety talk 

Not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Contains small parts that are a choking Hazard. Parental supervision required. 

All-natural ingredients used... but to be extra safe:

  • Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs rinse under cool running water immediately. 
  •  The salt and citric acid may irritate small cuts or scratches on some children. If this occurs, immediately rinse underwater and discontinue use. 
Lemon Jade Turtle Hunt PlayFizz { Limited Edition }
Lemon Jade Turtle Hunt PlayFizz { Limited Edition }