Pram Pendant - Black & Grey Rattle


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Pram Pendant

This design has a beech wood rattle at the base for bubs to play with.

Does you baby love putting everything in their mouths? These pram pendants are the perfect solution! 

The pendents offer a stylish design to compliment your pram whilst providing your baby with a tactile toy to play with and chew on. No more giving dropped toys back to bub - it simply sits in their lap to be picked up whenever they need.

The ribbon tie also makes it easy to attach to the car seat for long car rides. 

They are made from food grade silicone beads which are attached with a strong nylon cord. The beech wood is a hard wood which is safe for baby to chew on as it won't splinter.

The combination of the chewy silicone and hard wood create the perfect combination of textures for your teething baby.

To clean, simply wash with a mild soap and rinse thoroughly. Allow the teether to air dry overnight.

To rejuvenate the wood, simply use some coconut oil or olive oil when needed.