Grimm's 12 Pastel Friends


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Grimm's 12 Pastel Friends

Grimm's classic rainbow friends have had a soft pastel makeover, with each of the 12 wooden people stained a different pastel shade. You can simply let your children play freely with these beautiful peg people or use for learning colours, counting and ordering. Playing with peg dolls encourages imaginative play, social interaction, kindness and relationships. There are 12 friends which can be used to represent the 12 months of the year too. 

Made from sustainably sourced maple and hand painted with non-toxic, water-colour stain.

Dimensions: Size: H = 6cm

Age group: From 12 months


Grimm’s Spiel & Holz have been making unique and distinctive natural wooden toys since 1978. Grimm's natural toys are well renowned in Europe and used extensively in kindergartens and by speech and occupational therapists.

Specially developed to promote sensory perception, Spiel & Holz toys are known for their wonderful textures and exceptional colour finishes.

Inspired by the educational philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, Spiel & Holz toys leave room for independent and open-ended play, allowing for the child’s own imaginative and creative life to be developed. 

Grimm's natural wooden toys are created with the very best of care using European woods – alder, lime, maple and cherry. Spiel & Holz toys have no sharp edges or corners as all the toys are individually sanded by hand. Each toy is hand-finished with special non-toxic and water-based dyes providing distinctive colours and shades, and then treated with pure vegetable oil. 

Grimm's have a strong environmental policy – using green electricity sources, and minimal packaging.Grimm's toys are highly recommended as the basis for all good play – building and discovering spatial relationships through creativity and sensory experiences.