2020 Christmas Post Cutoff Dates

This years post cutoff's are a little early due to .... well we all know why it's 2020! 

These dates are for guaranteed Christmas delivery. I will be posting right up until Christmas. So feel free to purchase after these dates and I will do my best. 

Guaranteed Christmas delivery cutoff dates; 

Thursday December 10th - Standard Post and Courier Cutoff 

Tuesday December 15th - Australia Post Express Post Cutoff 

Sunday December 20th - Local Blue Mountains Pick up Cutoff 

Please note due to demand and being a solo business human. The processing, packaging and then postage of your order can take a few days. Orders for states further away from our NSW location; ie WA & NT are processed first. 

Please reach out with any questions and if I can help speed something up or bribe a courier on Santa's behalf I will do my absolute best. We could all use a little Christmas magic this year. 

xx Elise