Henry & Grace

henry and grace is the only brand in the world to use machine washable, ultrafine Merino wool to produce the finest, softest and most luxurious garments for mothers and babies.

Every stage of production at henry and grace is carefully scrutinised. From the farm to the finished garment.

henry and grace are dedicated to producing garments that enhance the well-being and happiness of mother and baby. Making sure that both benefit from wearing ultrafine Merino through better sleep, healthier skin and maintaining a comfortable temperature. We combine quality production with attractive smart design, and ease of care.

All henry and grace garments use exclusively the precious 15 micron Gostwyck Ultrafine Merino, lovingly perfected across generations. All of the wool used to create Henry and grace is sourced from this single farm. 

Animal welfare
Minimising stress and eliminating all pain to the sheep is a primary principle at Gostwyck. That’s why all sheep that grow the ultrafine Merino for henry and grace are well cared for, in great shape and proudly mules-free.

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